FFACE calendar shoot in Kolkata


Conceptualized by Neil Roy, Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence (FFACE) a brand of Royz Media and Entertainment pledge to bring out its annual fashion calendar which will provide a stepping stone for the aspiring models, actors, photographers, designers and makeup artists. The calendar will be distributed to all the leading fashion, film and media houses. Along with the fresh and talented people featuring in the calendar every year, two or three prominent people from film and fashion will also be seen in each edition, who would be an inspiring factor for the new comers. Film Maker Raj Chakraborty, Fashion Designer Abhishck Datta and Fashion Photographer Kaustav Saikia are a part of the honorary governing body members for FFACE.

The Edition 1 will feature actors Ridhima Ghosh and Sayani Datta as part of the prominent face(s). FFACE has tied up with a popular distribution company in Mumbai. which along with Kolkata will distribute over 500 copies of this calendar to all the leading film, fashion and media houses. This edition which will be shot on 18th March, will provide a stepping stone for 8 fresh faces and 1 fashion photographer. . Designing styling and accessories by Indroneel Mukherjee and Lopamudra Mandal Saha, who collectively form a part of the core committee for FFACE edition 1. The FFACE calendar is scheduled to have its gala launch in April 2014.


FFACE will launch its city wise online and offline registration from edition 2 where young people who dreams to be a part of the glamour world can enroll with their preferences. Auditions will be conducted by distinguished individuals from fashion and film as a part of the selection criteria. FFACE is supported my innumerable celebrities like Mimi Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Indrasish Roy. Alvito D’Cunha. Chima Okorie. Sampura Lahiri, Ushoshi Sengupta, Richa Sharma. Java Misra to name a few.

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